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Exegesis: Shambahala and Bitcoin

“Money isn’t an invention. It isn’t even a discovery. It’s intrinsic to human species. It’s how we keep track of debts with strangers, and cooperate across genetic boundaries – something no other species can do.”     ~ @Naval

I read my first book of eastern philosophy sixteen years ago but I don’t recall the name of it now. Since then, I’ve read many, many more. One of those books I still have, it’s called Shambahala*, Sacred Path of the Warrior. The book is a masterpiece and I highly recommend my subscribers read the book. Below I will give my interpretation. I will explain why this portion is our philosophy as a socio-economic organization, which can be seen on the ‘About Us’ page of our website. This passage is an inspirational guide for us in our aim for autarky, we see bitcoin as the great enabler.

Yes, I’ll pay to read more..