Question: What is the BLEXIT?

Answer: Capital flight from fiat to bitcoin by the African diaspora, African Americans and/or Moors.

Question: Who is this course for?

Answer: This course are available to everyone world wide interested in autarky.

Question: What will I learn by taking this course?

Answer: You will learn how to best accumulate, protect and transfer bitcoin and so much more!

Question: What else will I get for my hard earned money?

Answer: We will sweeten the deal with a few freemiums. A free e-book “The Bitcoin Standard”, a Trezor and a Opendime cold storage wallet, a Casa Node and three 30 minute consultation. All of which is valued at more than $1000.

Question: So I understand all the freemiums, what does that mean exactly?

Answer: Financial sovereignty in a digitized and decentralized world!

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La Casa Del Rey Moro