5 pack Hardware wallet HW.1 Ledger



  • MULTI-SIGNATURE : HW.1 can be used with multi-signature wallets for communities or enterprises needs in treasury management.
  • EDITIONS: Ledger HW.1 exists in “Classic”, “Multisig” or “Enterprise” editions depending on your intended use, with free updates.
  • BACKUP & RESTORATION: In case of loss, you can restore it on any Ledger Wallet (Nano or another one) or all other compatible solutions (BIP 39).
  • SECURITY: Your bitcoins are secured by a microchip locked by a PIN code. Transactions are verified by an anti-malware second factor.
  • MALWARE PROOF: Even on a compromised computer, you can authenticate each payment with your second factor security card, or through push notifications on your smartphone (Ledger Authenticator Android/iOS app).


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