BLEXIT Courses

$3,000.00 $1,500.00


There are three levels to the classes, INTRODUCTION, INTERMEDIATE and MASTERY. Each requiring a test of competency to move on to the next. All classes are purchased together as one and cannot be bought separately.  As the future world approaches and becomes more digitized and decentralized, are you ready? Join us for:

What is Bitcoin?

*Invite only eSusu

Courses may be paid for by a group or individual. Courses are estimated 30 hours of classroom time. Available to be completed on Sundays and Mondays online only.

Hosted by D. Miller El (Bitcoin Consultant)

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Question. Do you want to capture $1.4 TRILLion?

Question. Do you want our money to touch 12 hands in the community before it leaves?

Question: Do you want to experience greater autonomy and unity?

Answer: You will learn how to best accumulate, protect and transfer bitcoin and so much more!

Question: What else will I get for my hard earned money?

Answer: Get a free e-book “The Bitcoin Standard”, Learn to Code ‘Bitcoin Edition’ course, a password storage Cryptosteel, a Trezor and a Opendime cold storage wallet, a Casa Node and 30 hours of instruction. Lifetime membership in the Moab’bit Association. All of which is valued at more than $3000.


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