STEMulus Package (Bitcoin Citadel)


Complete node setup, full stack software, and key management for the most secure infrastructure and platform available…


  • Seed Storage
  • Cold Storage Wallet x 4
  • Node x 2
  • BTCPay Server (configuration)
  • Satellite (installation)
  • Gotenna x 4
  • Book x 10 (A Bitcoin Library)
  • Replacement devices shipped overnight
  • 30 min/30 day Consultation


The STEMulus Package.

Soon all industry will ultimately be rebuilt on Bitcoin, a public blockchain, it makes sense to adapt the standard. Governance, incorporation, funding, payments, equity, incentives, encrypted messaging, identity, accounting, marketing…  All transactions will be settled on the Bitcoin blockchain.

You don’t need Delaware for incorporation, Silicon Valley for funding, nor New York for your exit. You don’t even need a US visa anymore. Get started with a good internet connection or mesh network and bitcoin. Every major organization and business will hold some bitcoin as it’s the internet native currency and universally valued instrument.

Bitcoin is the universal digital standard.


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