Casa Del Rey Moro (Community Access)

Autarky: economic independence or self-sufficiency. A country, state, or society that is economically independent.

Our major priority is increasing usability and security of self-sovereign authentication models.

~Moab’bit Association

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Younger generations can’t afford to buy property because previous generations have bought up all the plots in order to store their wealth outside of fiat. No worry, these generations will buy up the new Bitcoin “digital real estate” instead, getting in before old money does. Real estate supply is limited by habitable landmass. Bitcoin supply is limited by software. Unlike real estate, you can buy fractions of the digital “real estate” and transfer it globally for pennies. There’s no permission required to buy in and it’s a market open to everyone. I can’t see the young today being interested in buying stock either. A company that can’t verify the annual reports versus a digital asset that they can verify. Bitcoin as digital gold is a great analogy but unfortunately the wider public don’t understand why gold is valuable in the first place. Many more think they know why real estate is: competition to buy limited resources drives up price. Perhaps “Bitcoin is digital real estate” is a stretched analogy, but Bitcoin really is far more accessible and understandable to the young, who have been priced out of the actual real estate market and will be looking for a way to secure their future wealth.

Bitcoin has the potential to disrupt not just the financial system, but also the state – whose primary function is to protect property rights.

For the first time in history, a form of private property exists that is completely independent of jurisdiction or the law. Private keys and the bitcoins they control are private property de facto, not de jure.

The bitcoin/blockchain white paper was written by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. Bitcoin has proven to be an excellent money, store value and transfer protocol since 2009. The Moab’bit Association has been advocating for the use of bitcoin/blockchain technology as a enabling tool to bring autarky to the masses since 2014. After the success of the BLEXIT ICO (Expo’s and Airdrops) in 2016 – 2019. In 2018, we launched bitcoin wallets, a study group, quarterly news letter etc. In 2019, we allocate a portion of the patreon funds into a susu for the community. With much more in store! Pledge today and support our research, development and for community access.


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